Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Awareness Education

Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Awareness Education

This program goes into a detailed analysis of drugs and alcohol and their specific effects (stimulants, depressants) – so that clients understand what harm they are causing to their body.

The Alcohol and Drug education session is delivered in a practical workshop format, providing participants with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the place drugs has in society and to acknowledge the impact of drugs on an individual, family and the community.

The sessions follow the guide provided through the communities offering drug education, a practical workshop guide on alcohol & other drugs resources material.

The resource acknowledges that drug-related issues are the responsibility of the community and that we all can play an active role in helping to address drug related matters.

The unit consists of most topics from communities offering drug education resource material and a few added topics that are relevant to the alcohol and drug education session;

  • What is a drug?
  • Types of drugs
  • Who uses drugs?
  • What’s the drug problem
  • How are people who use drugs portrayed?
  • Why people use drugs
  • The drug use spectrum
  • Laws about drugs
  • Drug effects
  • Problem solving related to drug and alcohol issues
  • The cycle of change and treatment options
  • Relapse prevention

This program is delivered by a specialised staff member from ATODS Cairns.
This program is presented every Tuesday 10:00am-12:00pm